Analytics & Reporting

Data driven decision making

online marketing graphs

Setting you up to measure and analyse google analytics for data-driven decisions.

There are many online tools that make monitoring online performance a breeze. Some of them are entirely free and others come at a small cost for big gains.

Investing in the time and expertise to set up data collection points and learning how to analyse the data for future performance is important. At the very least your website should be connected with Google Analytics and you should be using the data to improve your online performance. Contact me now to help you set this up.

  • Google Analytics
    How to set up & how to interpret the data.
  • Search Engine Webmasters
    Search analysis and error reporting.
  • Social Media Analysis
    Monitoring mentions and performance.
  • Advanced Online Funnels
    Track your marketing campaigns.
  • Online Advertising Analysis
    Put your spending to good use.