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Online Advertising

Support for Search Engine Marketing Eg. Google Adwords

I offer an agency quality Adwords and online advertising service at an affordable rate to growing businesses. This includes advice on how to grow your business leads and increase your website sales. Management packages include managing and optimising your search marketing and display adverts on platforms like Google Adwords so they create more conversions at much less cost to you.

Grow your business with better leads and more sales on Adwords.

Search listings are now dominated by sponsored adverts known as as Google Adwords rather than competing for top page results with better SEO, I can get you there faster with Google Adwords. I do this by developing a company marketing strategy for Adwords campaigns that maximises your spend by targeting increased conversions and instead of increased visitors.

Advertising PPC campaigns can be restricted to geographical areas and targeted towards people with certain interests.

Management fees start from as little as $90+gst a month plus as little as $8 a day for advertising budget which goes direct to Google.

Need support ?

Online advertising services can include:

Can you help with Google Adwords?

Yes I currently manage multiple Google AdWords accounts for both small and large businesses. While Google makes it easy to start and run your own Google Adwords campaigns monitoring and improving their performance can be complicated. I offer a very affordable package for the management of your adverts and a monthly report to keep you updated on what is working.

Can you help list my products on Google shopping?

Yes I can help you set up an automated or manual feed that will update your product listing in the popular Google Shopping index. I can help to get you set up with Google Merchant centre and connect your Google Adwords and Analytics. Many people now search and compare products using this platform and it’s a great way to reach potential customers when they have the most intent to buy.

What is PPC, CPC, CTR?

Adwords and search marketing is filled with confusing jargon! Let me help you understand a few essential terms. PPC is pay-per-click where adverts are run as an auction and you bid against competitors for keywords, based on your budget and the outcome of the auction you pay a specific price for a click-through to your website. CPC is cost per click this is the average cost you have paid to get that click. CTR is the click through rate this is the number of times your advert was seen (impressions) divided by the actual clicks. The click through rate helps you to pick the adverts that appeal the most to your customers.

“Toby has optimised and managed our adwords for some time now. We have found her to be very knowledgeable, and Website traffic keeps improving. Well done Toby !” John Mouat House Call Invercargill