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Website Design for E-commerce

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Customised e-commerce

We help you create an e-commerce store that is customised to suit your products and your brand. Essentially taking the stress out of identifying and highlighting your unique offering and encouraging customers to buy it. Woocommerce and Shopify content management options are available and you get full control of your website ownership with the ability to create your own updates.  Expert advice is provided in not only the setup but also the ongoing running of your online store.

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Website security & backups

Included in all website design packages including those for small and medium businesses is protection from the threat of hackers and daily backups which allow you to reinstall your website should something go wrong.

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Built in SEO

Many website designers forget to implement basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) when they design websites for small businesses, losing you valuable free website visitors. We build SEO right into your original design so that you have a great foundation to grow your business.

Everything you need

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Use your statistics to grow

Start collecting and using statistics to grow your small business to an even bigger one. Even if your are not using your statistics yet, you should start collecting statistics about your website users today. This will ensure you can make informed marketing decisions when your ready to run marketing campaigns in the future. Find out about our website analytics services.